Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lego Adventures

My friend and I have been saving and earning money and finally bought the Lego sets we wanted. These are Power Miners and half of their vehicles. At the top we have the Claw Digger, its job is to hack out rocks and scoop up crystals in its shovel and take them back to base. On the right side we have the Thunder Driller. It's job is to drill through walls so that the Power Miners can get more crystals. On the left we have the Granite Grinder its job is to dig into rocks to find crystals.

Here is the base. This is made out of my own Legos. Here you have all of your computers and accessories and a small platform for fixing small vehicles.

Here you have a crane for fixing bigger vehicles. You also have a helicopters (for rescues) and a garage for small vehicles. Put all of it together and what do you get, TONS OF FUN.

These are vehicles that I took apart and rebuilt myself. I named them the Crystal Dumper,

The Crystal Scooper,

and the Sky Shredder.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lego Technique

I had saved 70 dollars and wanted to spend it somehow. Since I loved legos, I went to (a website) to see what they had. And what I found, POWER FUNCTIONS. And that's what I liked so I ordered it. It came , and I'll tell you what they are. On the right, the battery box ( that's were you get the power ) Next, the motors ( They make everything work ) Then , the lights. And last, the switch ( that makes things work at different times ) Add them together and what do ya get... Awesom lego Creations!!! like...

A jeep or...

A monster. Ether way I had fun making them. bye . .

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lego Vehicles

These are some of my lego vehicles. An airplane, a motercycle, a jeep, a go-cart, a race car and a 4x4.